How to turn a book into a workshop, and vice versa

…excerpt from my new book, Boost Your Business with a Bestseller (written during my April 2011 Bestseller in a Weekend)
In live events and workshops, your book can essentially become your “script.” I don’t mean to imply that you should read it out loud, but follow its outline in creating your workshop offering. Basically, give your audience the same information, but in a different format. Follow the script, letting it flow and progress naturally, while you’re enhancing it with visual aids, demonstrations, slide shows, stories, and audience participation (ie. show of hands exercise). A question and answer segment after each ‘chapter’ is a good way to incorporate feedback and your expertise. The TOC can be an outline of your Power Point presentation.
Additionally, you can video tape your workshops and offer them as information products or self-paced programs for those who can’t attend.
Your printed book still can play an important role, even if repurposed into workshops. You can offer it as a free bonus to those who attended your live event or as a free incentive to those who subscribe to your program or Web site. Again, it’s all about adding value.
So, you can see how easy it is to turn your book into a live event, but what if your circumstances are the opposite? What if you already host a workshop, seminar, or live event, but don’t have a book? I have good news—this way to boost your business with a book is a two-way street! It works both ways. If you don’t have a book, turn your workshop into a book and you’ll be an author in no time flat. Simply record your workshop, have the audio transcribed, and create a book out of it. Then, you, too, will have two separate offerings that will each boost your business and provide you with opportunities and exposure, as well as the expertise and credibility that come uniquely from writing a book.


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