How to Sell Books on 800CEORead

Every year, more than 11,000 business books are published. If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur and an author, your book is likely among them. With that level of competition, though, how can you win the marketing war and get your book noticed? How can you reach a large audience in a short period of time and create the type of partnerships and sponsorships that will make you and your book a household name? One effective way is to partner with 800-CEO-Read, a company that specializes in promoting, marketing, and selling business books.
The beauty of 800-CEO-Read is that they are not a publisher. In fact, they really don’t care if your book is published by a traditional publisher or who that publisher is. Their only requirement is that your book is a business book and that it offers solutions to businesses and companies.
How can you sell your book on 800-CEO-Read? There are several ways that helps authors sell books:
1.            800-CEO-Read are experts in book distribution. They will make sure your book gets to workshops, seminars, and events in the quantities you want when you want them.
2.            If you’re looking for a partner in creating bulk book sales, look no further. The 800-CEO-Read team offers respectable discounts for bulk sales, and they’ll help you or a business find a book package that works for your purposes.
3.            800-CEO-Read helps authors customize their books, providing personalized page inserts, book bands that advertise sponsors, book signing plates, cover stickers, or even CD or DVD inserts. It’s a great way to co-promote authors, sponsors, and/or businesses and a terrific motivation in creating these mutually beneficial relationships. Authors who create partnerships with businesses and corporations sell more books. These businesses purchase books in bulk quantities for their employees, clients, and customers. Being able to personalize a book by including page inserts that promote the company or book bands or stickers that include their logo strengthens the company’s brand, while making it highly likely that the company will purchase large quantities of the book.
4.            800-CEO-Read works directly with businesses, helping them find business books that correlate with their message. The team even helps companies bring authors to specific events.
5.            Authors will benefit from the effective promotion of their business book on 800-CEO-Read‘s websites, blog, and newsletter. In-depth features and reviews of books are offered to help businesses determine which books they need. In addition, 800-CEO-Read publishes the 800-CEO-Read Business Book Awards every year. These awards are open to any business book that has been published during the year in eight categories:  1) Leadership, 2) Management, 3) Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 4) Finance and Economics, 5) Marketing and Sales, 6) Personal Development, 7) Innovation and Creativity, and 8) General Business. Submitting your book for consideration for one of these awards can result in massive publicity to thousands of businesses.
As a business author, you can sell books the traditional way, via, on your website, and at speeches and events, or you can take your marketing efforts one level higher and let the idea experts at 800-CEO-Read help businesses find your book and unique ways to use it.

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