How to Finish (or Repurpose) Your Unfinished Book(s)

How many books are in your computer, or in your head, for that matter? You either haven’t started them or can’t finish them. You got writer’s block, so you stepped away from it. Maybe you can’t find the time to finish it or you’re better at starting things than finishing them. Regardless of the cause, you know that you’ve deserted your book(s), leaving your pearls of wisdom undeveloped, and alas, also unread.
The good news is you can resuscitate your books or motivate yourself without too much effort. Here are some great ways to bring new life to your unfinished manuscript:
1. If your manuscript is partially finished, you can turn it into one or two eBooks, each with a different central idea. For example, a book about finances could become two eBooks entitled: “Ten Ways to Save Your Hard-Earned Dollars” and “Twenty Ways to Curb Spending Without Feeling Deprived.” I’ve had clients who have gone the eBook route and been very successful with it.
2. Take one message from your book and post it on your blog or website. Invite comments and discussion. The article will get read and your site will have fresh content. Also, you’ll get publicity, and the much-needed inspiration to refuel further writing efforts.
3. Create a video! This is a fun and interactive way to turn your writing into a video, where it can receive massive exposure on your website or
4. You can also give away a chapter as a stand-alone piece—free with the purchase of your eBook, free to those who subscribe, free for others to use on their sites or in their newsletters in exchange for credit and links back to your site. This offer can generate your list building efforts and increase your following and traffic to your site.
5. Hire a ghostwriter or co-author who can breathe new life into your book and get it done faster than you know you would.
6. Find a book coach who will keep you on task and show you that writing (and finishing) a book is possible—I can show you how to get your book to ‘The End’ in 17 days (even if you haven’t started writing it yet)!
Your book has been waiting long enough. Use one or more of these six tips to get it going again. Don’t delay any longer—your book’s revival is depending on you!
Do you have any thoughts to add? If so, I would love to hear.

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