How to get celebrity endorsements for your book

A celebrity endorsement is quite possibly the greatest sales boost you can give your book. Imagine a famous celebrity’s plug for your book on the front cover, enticing readers to buy it! The fact of the matter is that celebrities sell, which is why many companies use celebrities as sponsors and spokespersons for their products in commercials.
How do you get a celebrity to endorse your book? Quite simply, you ask.
Most people automatically think it’s impossible to get a celebrity endorsement, so they don’t bother asking. However, there are many celebrities who will be happy to help you, if you make it easy for them.
Celebrities are busy people, and frankly, while they might be well-known in their industry, they aren’t always writers. That’s why your request for an endorsement should be accompanied by sample ore prewritten endorsements that they can easily personalize or stamp their approval and name to.
The proper way to request a celebrity endorsement is to write a letter, which includes the following information:
1. A personal greeting
2. A brief introduction of you and your book
3. A copy of the book cover, or a review copy of your book
4. A kind request asking for an endorsement, telling the celebrity how their endorsement will benefit you and your book.
5. Prewritten sample endorsements for their review. Celebrities don’t have to do endorse your book, so if you do the job for them, making it as painless and easy as possible, they are more likely to accommodate your request. I recommend writing as many as 50 sample endorsements, giving them a wide variety from which to choose.
6. Let the celebrity know that you will be heavily marketing your book and that his/her endorsement will receive a large amount of publicity.
7. Finish the letter with a note of appreciation for their time and consideration.
8. Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope for their convenience in returning the endorsement.
Once your letter is done, you can submit it to 60,000 plus celebrities and their represents by obtaining their contact information at The first seven days membership to is only $1. It’s a great resource to help you get the celebrity endorsement that will take your book to instant stardom!

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