How to Find a Reviewer for Your Self-Published Book

Books reviews are a promotional tool that validates and adds credibility to your book. An endorsement of your book by a well-known authority or celebrity on the front cover can spark massive interest in your book. However, it’s not always easy to get reviews, especially if your book is self published.
Self-published books usually don’t attract reviews by USA Today or The New York Times. Tons of unanswered queries acknowledge that fact. However, there are ways to get book reviews, especially if you’re creative.
1. Reach out and seek book reviews on the Internet
Through social networks like Twitter and Facebook, you can request book reviews. This is effective, especially when you promise a free copy to the book reviewer to give away to their followers. It’s a great way for the reviewer to find fresh, new content and drive traffic to their site.
Also, visit blogs and websites that are industry-related to the subject matter of your book. Send them a courteous and professional request and a copy of your book cover, asking for them to contribute a professional review of your book. Remind the reviewer that they will receive credit and exposure through your book and marketing efforts.
Here are some popular book reviewers on Twitter:
2. Contact well-known professionals in your book’s industry
People who are employed in the industry that your book serves are often interested in reading new material and providing their expert opinion. This helps make them an authority on the subject. Send several queries out to recognizable names in your industry. Take a minute to tell them why their review is valuable to you and that you admire their contribution to the industry. You just might be surprised at the response you’ll get.
3. Contact a book review organization
There are organizations you can access through the internet which conduct book reviews. From one person to several hundred, they house reviewers who have a wide variety of interests and are ready and willing to read your book and provide you with a review. A Google search of the keywords “book reviews” will provide you with some websites, including:
4. Ask local newspapers and publications to review your book
While it is difficult to get a book review by a major publication or newspaper, your local newspaper is usually interested in local authors. They often are happy to showcase your book and provide you with a book review that you can use in your book, on your website, and in promotional materials. Sending them a professional letter stating your expertise and the subject matter of the book and a copy of the book usually produces favorable results.
5. Ask your coworkers to review your book
Assuming the subject matter of your book is in the same industry as your business, ask your coworkers or superiors to read your book and review it in a company newsletter or professional publication.
These are just some ways you can solicit book reviews. Be courteous, professional, and reciprocate the favor, making sure you credit the reviewer and provide them with publicity in return for their book review. When you do, it’s a win-win situation for you, your book, and the reviewer.

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