How Did It Feel When You Became A Bestseller?



It was so exciting and unbelievable to achieve bestseller status as soon as the book was introduced to the world. It was a dream come true.” – Dr. Beth

“I felt I had accomplished something significant.” – Brandon Wade

“I had worked hard to make my book launch a success and to see inmy book surpass Doreen Virture on the bestseller list, an author who I greatly admire, I was thrilled beyond belief.” – Joy Reichard

“UNBELIEVABLE! I achieved my own “Goddess Greatness” moment!  It was surreal!
Truly, one of the proudest moments of my life!”  – Jennifer Ettinger

“The excitement of watching my book climb to the #1 spot on Amazon for Women in Business was exhilarating. I had so much fun watching it move up the list and surpass books written by people I have admired and respected over the years.” – Heidi Sloss

“Like a dream come true!  I built the marketing plan around the book launch and gathered a great team to help me make that happened.  It was very exciting to see my book next to Suzanne Somer’s book on the best seller list!!” – JJ Flizanes

“Incredibly uplifting. A powerful nod of yes from the universe.  Like the most persistent layer of resistance to being who I am stripped off.  I could laugh from the belly of life.  It felt light, joyful. There was a moment of peace, knowing I had arrived at a peak, I had longed for, and didnt know it.  Music roared and shattered the impossible glass ceilings that had kept me trapped. My words have worth.” – Jennifer Duchene

“It was AAahhhmmaazzing! And to think I initially didn’t even want the title lol boy was I wrong cause being able to tote that label now makes me feel super high and want to achieve even more success!” – Ana Maria Sanchez

“Alicia’s incredible expertise, energy and sense-of-urgency is tough to beat! She just inspires you to make your goals and vision happen. Her Amazon Bestseller Campaign and self-publisher coaching program are best-in-class! She will exceed your expectations! I would recommend her coaching to anyone who is committed to success and wants to learn the ins and outs for the world of publishing, social media, promoting, marketing and Amazon.”
Leanne Grechulk, Author of 30 Days to Wealth and Founder of HealthyGirl.Net

“If you want to become an bestseller, I can highly recommend Alicia Dunams. She helped me write the second edition of my book as well as become an best-selling author! Thank you, Alicia.”
David Shade, Author of The Secrets of Female Sexuality

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