[Hot New Release] Support Breast Cancer Research + Receive $350 in Bonuses

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Entrepreneurs everywhere encounter fear. 


Author Laura Herring knows that challenges and obstacles can stop an entrepreneur in their tracks and make them wave their white flag in defeat. In her book, No Fear Allowed: A Story of Guts, Perseverance & Making an IMPACT, she shows entrepreneurs how to use their fear to create opportunities and not only survive, but thrive.


When you buy No Fear Allowed today, October 6,  Laura is giving away $350 worth of free gifts to everyone who purchases the book as a special THANK YOU. In addition, in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Laura (a two-time breast cancer survivor) is donating 100% of the profits from her book sales to breast cancer research.



More important, you’ll benefit from Laura’s story. No Fear Allowed is a powerful and inspirational expose’ of her personal and professional trial, tribulations, and ultimate triumphs. As the founder of IMPACT Group, a $50 million dollar global transition company, Laura openly reveals her fears, as well as how she turned them into opportunities. The biggest takeaways from the book are Laura’s infamous “Lessons Learned,” real straight talk that can benefit anyone in business, no matter what level.


No Fear Allowed isn’t just a catch phrase—it’s a battle cry! It’s helped Laura Herring build a phenomenally successful business and beat breast cancer not once, but twice. And it will help you, too. 


Go to http://www.nofearallowedbook.com/ and claim $350 worth of free gifts


I guarantee that you’ll benefit from Laura’s story and her insightful business advice and lessons. To get your copy of No Fear Allowed and the valuable bonus gifts, visit http://www.nofearallowedbook.com/ and place your order on October 6th


The only thing you’ve got to lose is fear itself.

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