Host Me In Your Hometown or Living Room (really!)

High-touch experiences.
Of late, we have been hearing a lot of brewhaha that the online coaching world is over-saturated with a slew of online trainings, info products, and courses and this oversaturation is causing user burnout.
Are you feeling the burn?
Business coach Ali Brown says the following regarding online marketing and business: “We are witnessing the perfect storm of complete market saturation, lack of standards, and no barrier to entry for anyone who wants to jump on the bandwagon.”
As a result, people are now craving connection, high-touch learning, in-person coaching experiences and REAL RESULTS.
I saw this trend happening about 18 months ago, so I strategized a new way to connect with my clients with my signature Bestseller in a Weekend® program.
For six years, the Bestseller in a Weekend® system has supported leaders and experts to get their books out of their heads and into print with thousands of satisfied clients all over the world.

“Alicia provides specific manageable
chunks that are so well
designed, in proper order, that an
adult learner can enter the
program “from scratch” with no
book writing experience and have
everything needed by the end of
the weekend to publish – Alicia
sets up her clients for success! “

Margaret Ruff, M.S.Ed, Certified
Executive Leadership Coach

>> To learn more, schedule a strategy call with Bestseller in a Weekend® Founder Alicia Dunams <<
Additionally, Bestseller in a Weekend® has been a success both online and offline, not only because of the systemized and results-based approach, but because I’ve always provided real-time delivery, interaction and engagement – whether delivering online or in-person.
This year, I’m shifting things a bit to align my program even more with what people want. Bestseller in a Weekend® will now direct a majority of its marketing efforts to partnering with specific groups, including:

  • Independent universities and colleges
  • Members organizations
  • Clubs and groups

….to bring Bestseller in a Weekend® directly to you.
So far the plan is working.
I’ve partnered with a leadership university in Las Vegas, am being hosted by a mastermind group in the Bahamas this fall (Bestseller in a Weekend® on the beach!), and am even hosting an intimate group in the living room of very popular relationship coach in Venice CA, among others…
How would you like to bring Bestseller in a Weekend® to your town, for your organization or group, or to your living room for your colleagues and friends? You can! (And, all you need is a minimum of 4 people.)
If you’re interested or would like more details, reply to this email.
And, not to worry, I will still offer my Bestseller in a Weekend® course online a few times a year, but I’m excited to open this doorway to more possibility and connection.
I can’t wait to meet you in person to bring you coaching that fits your needs and your life!
P.S. If you are member of a business or community group, this would be a perfect opportunity to introduce Bestseller in a Weekend®. Reply to this email to receive a brochure and details.
>> To learn more, schedule a strategy call with Bestseller in a Weekend® Founder Alicia Dunams <<

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