Help Wanted: Writing, Editing and Project Management Job Opportunities

Last week I sent an email out to my subscriber list with the subject “Need a Job?”, and I’m blown away by the response. I got over 40 inquires in less than 6 hours. Most people wanted more information, so I wanted to create a post to answer your questions and give you clarity as to the opportunities I currently have.
Writers and Editors: I’m always looking for writers. Any professional writer I hire has to have a proven track record including published articles, e-Books, books, and book proposals. I’m looking for highly qualified writers that make their living as freelance writers. The writers I currently work with have worked for traditional publishers, and have even published their own works. I like have a database of writers in case a new job comes through. I pay flat rates for writers and editors that are negotiated and agreed to up-front. I pay 30-50% down, with payments at the midline and end.
I need editors even more than writers. Editors need to be proven (clients/track record) and do this for a living. If you are an editor that can also format books, even better. As with writers, editors are paid with flat rates on a job-per-job basis. The writing and editing jobs are virtual CONTRACT positions (you can be anywhere in the world and will be receive a 1099 at the end of the year.)
Project Manager: I’m looking for 1-2 top-notch, detail orientated project managers. Experience with desktop publishing, e-book and book publishing a plus. I prefer you live in the Bay Area/Nor Cal, so you can come to monthly meetings, but this is a virtual position otherwise. This will be a hourly and part-time.
Here are some general questions I received. Please add your questions to the comments so I can ensure everyone has access to the answers.
1. Is remote work possible or SF only? The work is virtual for writers and editors. I would like the project manager to be located in NorCal for monthly meetings.
2. Can you please provide more information on the Salary or range of salary/ pay structure, number of hours per week needed and the duration of the opportunity? For the writing and editing jobs, NO. 🙂 I can only share that all of these opportunities are part-time. When a job presents itself, I will call you and negotiate with you based on your experience and the needs of the client. If you talk to my current writers and editors, I do keep them working steadily (most of them have been with me over 4 years), but you also have time for securing your own projects via and
The project manager position will be $25+, based on experience.
3. What will we be doing, for how long and how much? Nothing in life is guaranteed, just like there are no more gold watches at the end of a career. I hire based on needs. If you want to be considered, fill out this form, then we can talk. That’s all I can offer at this time.
4. Is this job is specific for article writing? I love article writers, so please apply. I am also looking for e-Book writers and ghost writers.

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