Guest Post: Test Prep Sanity Author Helps Parents and Students with Stress-Free Test Preparation

One of the favorite things I love about my business is helping leaders spread their message in a big way – through the publication of a book. I have helped several authors who dedicate their life to helping children, including Dr. Beth, author of Embracing Defiance and Dr. Reggie, author of  You Can Heal Your Child. And now I’m excited about Elie Venezky, author of Test Prep Sanity. Below is a guest post, which discusses why he wrote the book.
Standardized tests are coming. And with them comes stress and anxiety, both for the student and his or her parents. Too often, good parents do exactly the wrong things that push their child away from studying. It doesn’t have to be this way. Test time doesn’t have to create tension and drama in the home.

I wrote Test Prep Sanity: How to help your child excel on standardized tests without driving each other crazy to help parents create the right home environment for their children’s success. In this book, I use my 14 years of experience to show parents how to encourage personal responsibility and growth while keeping everyone as relaxed as possible.
Test Prep Sanity is a must-read for every parent whose child is taking a standardized test. It shows parents everything they need to help their children succeed, including:
·         When to start preparing
·         How to find the best tutor for your child
·         When to register for the exam and which books to buy
·         How to make sure your child studies without constant supervision
·         How to talk about the test with your child
·         How to handle complaining
·         What to do if your child won’t study
·         What to do, eat and wear on test day
·         When to expect results
·         How to improve test scores on subsequent tests
Standardized tests shouldn’t turn homes into battlegrounds. I’m asking you to help me promote Test Prep Sanity for its November 29th release date. It’s available on With your help, we can reduce the pressure of standardized tests while increasing communication and personal responsibility for students. Parents want to help their kids—let’s give them the help they need, too.

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