[Guest Post by Ana Maria Sanchez] How my book given me incredible credibility and visibility

My debut book, Girl from the Hood Gone Good, One Woman’s Mission to Help Others Overcome a Pain Filled Past, delves deeply into the trials and tribulations I’ve undergone in a life filled with childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence, drinking and drugs. Revisiting my past had a profound impact on me, and I was uncertain about the reception that my book would receive. However, it has been liberating to be able to release my past, knowing that I’m connecting with readers in such a way that they can be certain I understand their obstacles, while helping them overcome them. Getting my book out into the world (and attaining bestseller status) has been a journey of self-enlightenment, growth, and pride that has both humbled and empowered me to take my life and career to new heights as I strive to fulfill my life’s mission—helping others connect with their spirituality and maximize their potential.
On a business level, writing a book has given me incredible credibility. As a result, I’ve become known by people I haven’t yet met or done business with. In networking events, I’ve found that people have heard of me or my book, which is a tremendous advantage in connecting with others. I’ve also obtained more speaking engagements, something that makes me feel increasingly empowered, determined, and focused on my business, as my potential client base has more opportunities to grow.
On a more personal level, writing a book has changed me and my goals. Through my book and my business, I’m helping others, which has helped me stay accountable for the actions I take and decisions I make. As an author, I’m now considered a role model and a go-to person, not only in my business, but also for future aspiring authors who seek my advice and guidance. Because of that, the bar on my conscience has raised significantly.
The benefits of becoming an author by writing Girl from the Hood Gone Good are highlighted by:

  • Becoming a bestseller on Amazon.com and the East West bookstores.
  • Increased exposure and speaking engagements.
  • Name recognition
  • Obtaining expert status in my industry
  • A deeper level of commitment and focus on my business

In short, becoming an author of a bestselling book has infused me with inspiration to take my business to the next level and beyond. As I receive positive feedback, I’m even more motivated to help others transform their lives, whether that is through my book, speeches, courses, or services. To begin the process, visit my website, www.FreetheLightWithin.com, where you can receive a free chapter of my book, Girl from the Hood Gone Good, and receive additional information about my services and the steps you can take to release your emotional pain. It’s one of the most triumphant feelings you’ll ever know, and like writing a book, it will change your life.
About Ana Maria Sanchez
A Spiritual Guidance Counselor and Reiki Master Practitioner, Ana Maria Sanchez used the same techniques she teaches to overcome a past troubled with abuse and addiction. The founder of Free the Light Within, she holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Cal State Hayward and a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from San Francisco State University. A licensed Heal Your Life Teacher and Workshop Facilitator, she seeks the truth as she connects with the spirituality that calls her to serve others in their quest for peace and healing.
Ana Maria received her Reiki Mastership from Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Geneveive Vulser, M.A. She has studied with internationally renowned healer Master Stephen Co and is certified in Pranic Energy Healing. Her book, Girl from the Hood Gone Good, is an Amazon.com and East West bookstores bestseller. To learn more, please visit her website, www.FreetheLightWithin.com.

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