Guest Blog Post: Learn to Make Every Day an Oscar-winning day by Shelene Atanacio

On Sunday night, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Bridges, Mo’Nique and Christoph Waltz were honored for their on-screen rAct Nowoles at the Oscars and what can the rest of us learn from their on-screen roles as it relates to the roles we play in our everyday lives?  As an award-winning playwright, actress, author and mother, I answer those questions in my new book Act From the Inside Out (Bush Street Press), which releases today (
Act From the Inside Out unveils a new approach for self-healing and personal growth that utilizes the transformational tools of acting and explains how to use these methods to enrich our lives.  From reading this book, you will learn how to:

  • Break through self-limiting beliefs.
  • Act out the ideal life.
  • Strengthen weaknesses and stretch into new life roles.
  • Cultivate an inspired mind.

Act From the Inside Out is my personal journey whose love of acting comes from my love of exploring life through characters and scripts. The experience allowed me to see the world and delve deep into the human experience by overcoming resistance, freeing the subconscious mind, learning to create an artistic lifestyle and more.
The result was a realization that I could apply the techniques of actors to raise self-esteem, overcome personal adversity and create a red-carpet worthy life everyday.
You will also learn the opportunity, through acting, to serve and connect with others through storytelling whether through comforting, educating, inspiring, or just plain entertaining others.
I am excited to announce that today is the launch of my book and readers who purchase the book on March 9 will also be invited to join me for a special empowerment project teleseminar on Wednesday, March 24.
For more information, and to purchase Act From the Inside Out, visit Thanks so much, and I look forward to joining you on this journey.

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