Getting Your Life Aligned To Make A Shift With Bethany Londyn

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Ever wonder why there are days when everything just seems to go your way? It might have something to do with getting your life aligned. Bethany Londyn, the author of Get Aligned Now.: Free Your Mind Through Body Intelligence, the Path to Achieve Aligned Results, joins Alicia Dunams this episode to talk about how you can get life alignment by paying attention to your body. Bethany believes that everyone has a misalignment in some aspect of their lives, and shares how you can work on it. She explains what her book is all about with a guarantee that you’ll never be the same again after reading it.

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Getting Your Life Aligned To Make A Shift With Bethany Londyn

Welcome, Bethany Londyn, the author of Get Aligned Now. Bethany, it’s great to have you here.
Thank you. I’m happy to be here too.
We’ve been friends for years.
I’m like, “She’s going to dig.”
We might go there. First, I’m going to ask you the standard question I ask everyone. Why did you write this book?
First off, I started years ago. It was a down-low. I was meditating and something hit me and I’m like, “I need to write a book.” It was different. It was all about intuition. Now, it’s all about body intelligence. Because I started years ago, life changes and life happens. Years later, I went back to write it and I realized that I only had two chapters left to do. I had taken two years off. I was like, “I’ve got to get this message out.” I started working with an editor and she’s like, “This is great.” I needed a little love and support but once I had that it was like, “Yes.”
A little edging.
A little push and this is good. I’m like, “Good. You’ve worked with phenomenal people. I trust you and I am grateful.” It feels almost like a weight off my shoulders, which is ridiculous to have this out but it was meant for me to deliver. It feels good.
It was meant for you to deliver it. I love how you said that you had two chapters left. How many of us stop right before the finish line? It’s no judgment or whatever. It’s interesting how our mind works. Almost when we get close to success, that’s when we’re like, “Hold your horses,” and it’s the perfect time.
It’s divine timing.
You said it was a down-low. What kind of a down-low was it?
I had written a book before and that was pulling teeth. This one flew out of me. It was like I couldn’t keep writing as fast as the messages were coming to me. That’s how I say that it was a down-low. It was much in a flow state, as others might say. The outline was easy until the editor came in and shifted everything around but it was easy to write.
Isn’t that how we want things in life to be effortless and easy? What does that mean when things are hard, are we not meant to do it?
It’s the title of the book, Get Aligned Now. It’s all about ease, joy and following that because there are many times in my life where I’ve actually chosen the harder path. I didn’t realize and I look back and I’m like, “Why did you choose that harder path?” There are things that are in the flow right now right in front of you and this book is about supporting you and getting into that flow. Once you’re there, it’s ease, harmony and grace. I love the word, grace.
What is flow for people who don’t know what flow means?
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You know you’re in the flow when everything’s easy. For example, I squeezed in around before coming here, and I was like, “I don’t know. I’ve got to be on time to the podcast,” and I’ve got all green lights. I live in Marina del Rey, there are lots of lights where I live and I got green lights for every single one, probably twelve. I’m like, “I’m in the flow right now. I’m supposed to be doing this. Thank you for creating the time, God.” It’s being in that flow. When things are easy, you could be driving, running, you could be on a date and the conversation is flowing. That’s when you’re in the flow.
I personally feel there were some years in my life that were not on the flow. 2019 and 2020 have been a flow. 2020 has been so much flow. One of the things that I personally want to get into some of the tools in your book, is not being attached to what it looks. Not being attached to people yeses or noes and not being attached. It’s being crystal clear on my vision. Everything in life is an invitation.
You’re in or you’re out.
It’s like you’re in or you’re out and I’m not attached.
That’s okay if you’re out.
What are some tools for people to get aligned? I’m excited about this. I liken misalignment to The Princess and the Pea story. For those who don’t know the Princess and the Pea story, a prince wanted his princess. There was a lady who arrived at the door all wet with her hair wet and the mom says, “We will know if she’s a princess if she will feel this pea.” She puts a pea underneath the stacks of mattresses. This was a test of the nobility, of sensitivity. The lady went and laid down and slept and the next morning the Queen said, “How did you sleep?” She said, “I slept all right but I actually felt something.” The Princess and the Pea. It’s a test of nobility, sensitivity and empathy or being an empath. What I love about that story is I can tell if there’s something in my life that’s misaligned. There’s actually something in my life now that is misaligned and I know it’s misaligned that I’m like, “This is a misalignment.” I’m reframing. This is a misalignment and this is something I get to go through to get to the other side and it’s only a misalignment. What I want to ask from you and from the tools in this book is if you’re in this alignment, do you try to get into alignment fast or do you play it out knowing there’s a misalignment?
You can quantum leap.
I want to learn. How can I quantum leap?
That’s where you manifest from possibility and jump levels. Most people go through levels and to get to the next level, it’s about learning a lesson. In Get Aligned Now, the subtitle is Free Your Mind Through Body Intelligence, the Path to Achieve Results. It’s about achieving results. When you’re in alignment, you’re achieving results. When I ran, I got all green lights. How easy is that? It was much faster.
What about people who are misaligned and they know it?
Everyone is misaligned in some area of your life. You’re at the high vibration to be completely in alignment. What I walk people through in the book is learning to pay attention to your body. For example, I share this story in my book. After a three-day mostly silent meditation, I went and I worked on the startup that I had. Every time I went to the startup, I felt like I was a molasses, I couldn’t move. It was difficult.
I remember that.
We go all the way back. Knowing what I was going through, I walked away, closed my computer down, went to walk on the beach, came back, started working on the startup again. It was like I couldn’t move and I felt I was getting a fever. My whole body was hot every single time I touched my laptop. That shows you that I was completely out of alignment. I shut that company down, which was one of the hardest things ever, but I had to pay attention to my body. As I learned to pay attention to my body, now I’m at the point where I can walk into my closet and scan my closet and I basically get a ding, “This is what you’re wearing today.” Talk about being in alignment.
You learn with the tools of this book to pay attention to the yeses, the noes, the expansive feelings and the contracted feelings. When you’re walking around, making decisions, deciding who you’re going to work with, who you’re going to hire, if they’re in alignment with what you’re up to. Part of being in alignment is knowing what you’re up to because a lot of people don’t. They don’t have a goal and a vision. That’s also part of it. All of it but I would say the key place that anyone can start right now is by listening to their bodies.
That’s important. Your body is saying you’re misaligned. I’m intrigued by the quantum leaps.

AL Bethany | Getting Life Aligned
Getting Life Aligned: Everyone has some misalignment in their lives. You need to be in very high vibrations to be completely in alignment.

“I want to leap, please. Can I please do this now?”
I’m looking to buy a place and the place I’m living in right now was a temporary solution. As soon as it hit one year, I got uncomfortable. My body now is telling me to purge. I’m excited and I had told you that I was leading a retreat. I’m doing podcast recordings and when I get home, I’m going purge. I want to start with nothing. I dropped a whole bunch of clothes off at crossroads and I forgot to pick them up. They give you money but if you don’t pick them up for three days, they get rid of them.
You’ve got to prepare for the move.
There are some pampering and cleansing happening and I’m excited. What else happened was the building I live in, the next building next door caught on fire. What caught on fire was people’s stuff around their boxes and stuff around their cars. Our landlord, because they’re renting, said, “All of your stuff around your cars need to be gone immediately.” That happened and you’re feeling the purge, so I want to run naked in the streets. I was like, “I’m free,” because there’s this sense of freedom. The purging gets to happen before I find my new place.
We haven’t talked about it but real estate has been my main job for the last years. In real estate, when I’m working with clients and sellers, I’ll notice the people that aren’t willing to start moving now and cleaning out their stuff now, their home takes a lot longer to sell. It could be because somebody walks in and they’re like, “There’s too much stuff. It’s their place. It’s not going to my place.” It can be that but also I fully believe it is energy. They’re still cemented in that home and it’s not going to sell until you remove your stuff. You’re not trying to sell but you’re prepping to move. By starting to pack and doing all that, you’re preparing for the arrival of your spot.
That’s how it feels. I want to start packing stuff away and getting rid of stuff. It also feels like a new stage of my life with my daughter being a teen. Do you have any more tools for people? Probably most of this world is misaligned. People are going to jobs that they hate every day and are in marriages that are miserable. Where’s the saving grace?
Before you jump to marriage, I want to butt in right there because a lot of people feel that they need to leave that commitment in order to be themselves. It’s interesting how people get divorced and they become their true selves. I am one of them. I didn’t know that, but I didn’t see clearly. We’re talking about 2020. I didn’t see clearly until I left that marriage. It was perfect for me to leave that marriage. I should have never married the guy in the first place. If I had listened to my body in the beginning, I would have never dated him in the first place. I can look back and the key in on one point where he touched my back and I was like, “Wow,” and I cringed. My body told me immediately that this is not your guy, but I ended up marrying the guy.
In getting aligned now in marriage, jumping jobs, jumping ship, quitting jobs, starting a consulting business and all of that is fine, but I want you to start owning who you are now in this moment in your current situation and see this stuff start to shift around you. This book, Get Aligned Now, is at the core of learning who your true self is as well. There’s some spiritual guidance in the end that is about learning to delete and remove some subconscious blocks, which is what I do on my one-on-one sessions. That’s in there but at the bottom of it, it’s about owning who you are. As you do that, you’ll see the people around you change and they may leave. Maybe they’re like, “I don’t like this new Bethany, I’m out.” That’s fine. They are in your path but know that also when you shift and change that the people around you can also adapt with you. You can bring them up.
One of my clients was sharing because I encouraged her to get on Instagram and she has a huge following on Instagram. We’ve been working together and people were checking in with her, “Are you all right?” It’s because she started to post, started to use her voice and started to be like all of us. It makes people uncomfortable when you are vibrating at a certain level, your frequency. When you’re in a room and everyone’s at the same frequency and one person, one body is at a different frequency, it’s either the other beings feel that, “I’m not at that frequency. I either need to criticize them or I have to change.” What’s the easiest one to do? Criticize for change? It’s like, “She’s vibrating a certain level. I’m going to criticize her because I don’t want to change,” instead of celebrating that. A lot of this has to do with mindset.
It does but it also is about getting out of your mind to learning to utilize that body because your body is constricting and expanding. It took me two years to fully trust my body’s response. When I’m coaching someone, they seem to get it in two seconds. I don’t know why. For me, it took two years. I get a yes on my right side. I get a no on my left side. Some people will stand.
Is it a pendulum?
Yes. I don’t. I can, but I actually have a physical response in my body that I feel.
What happens on your right?
It’s like someone squeezed your love handle and it’s the same for the left.
I do the pendulum. We should probably describe what that is that’s asking your body. You describe it.
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The pendulum is when you stand straight, preferably not in heels and you say, “Yes,” and you feel which way you lean. Some people might lean forward for a yes, they might lean to the right for a yes, others might lean back for a no and left for a no. It depends. Every single person is unique. Every single person is going to get a different response. For me, I get the right as a yes. It could be a no for somebody else. Learning to tap in and fine-tune with that is important. For me, it took two years because I didn’t want to trust my body. I didn’t trust myself. I didn’t believe in myself. I still find that is one of the biggest things that holds me back. It’s not like I’m aligned now because I wrote this book. I’m human and it’s a daily journey. It’s a daily thing. In my meditation, “How can I be most aligned? What’s the highest and best for me to achieve this or to be in this world so I’m coming from a place of joy?” That’s my word of the year, joy.
The word of the decade or century.
Is it?
I’m in love with the word, joy. That’s me and joy. If I’m not in joy, things aren’t working. Maybe I’m tired a little bit but I’m actually on fire. I’m so excited. It’s passion, I’m feeling joyous and present. Do you know Rob Bell?
I love Rob Bell. I’ve been reading his book.
There’s a little bit of Rob Bell in the book.
I saw his Introduction to Joy. It’s a one-man show. He does these one-man shows and he said, “Joy wraps its arms around everything.” It’s not binary like happy or sad, good or bad. Joy wraps its arm around all of it, the peaks and the valleys. You could be joyous and wake up in the morning and stub your toe. That’s a circumstance and you could still be like, “I guess I stub my toe. Ouch,” and move on. When I say it’s a constant state, joy, it is but you can be joyful and sad. What are your thoughts?
Speaking into that, two things that came to me first off, if we’re going to speak about being in joy, I noticed that when I’m coaching people that everyone is having all this stuff happened to them. Someone lost their jobs or their mom. It’s all these awful, tragic things. I’m like, “Something must be in the air.” I’m thinking to myself, “Nothing tragic is happening to me, but this and this and this happened.” I realized that tragic things did happen that week but they didn’t affect me the way other people were affected. That explains the wrapping yourself in a joy blanket. The other thing that I wanted to speak into is that if you’re being met with resistance, anger or frustration like the human design stuff we learned about, that is out of alignment. You’re out of the flow, as soon as you’re feeling frustrated. As you said, you’re constantly reframing.
Sometimes I don’t want to. I guess I’ll reframe. I’m reframing left and right constantly.
You’re making a good habit out of it, so that’s going to serve you the rest of your life.
It’s like neuro pathways and muscle memory that I’m reframing everything because when you said when someone loses their job, to me losing your job is not a bad thing. One of the women I’m coaching lost two jobs and I’m like, “This is fantastic.” It was one after another. I’m like, “Do you know why? It’s because you didn’t say no, the universe is saying no to you.” You’re being supported because you’ll be standing on the precipice. You can either jump and the net will appear and if you don’t jump, eventually, someone’s going to knock you off. If you’re not on your pathway or that journey that has been set before you, if you’re saying no to that I’m like, “You’re not meant to be.”
I work with people with cancer and stage four cancer. I know this is going to be offensive to some and this is not from my words. They tell me why they source cancer. Exactly because the husband was cheating on them, they were unhappy with where they’re at or the guy was abusive. They source it to support them and getting maybe the love that they needed from friends and family for learning how to ask for support and realizing they’ve never learned how to do that. They’ve always done everything on their own. There are so many different lessons that come out of it. I don’t want to have cancer or anything to learn any lessons, but it’s crazy how we source Universe or God is going to push you out of a job because it doesn’t serve you. It’s not in your highest and best. Cancer can serve people to learn the lessons that they need. Sometimes you need a slap in the face.
The closer we are to death, the more we live life. One of my friends is a photographer and she got cancer. I don’t think she can say cured now but she’s in remission. They gave her eighteen months to live. She wrote everything she wanted to do. She told the story. We talked about portals of possibility. She wrote down everything she wanted to do like go to Italy and places to travel, and things started manifesting.
That’s quantum leaping, by the way.

AL Bethany | Getting Life Aligned
Getting Life Aligned: If you’re being met with resistance, anger, or frustration, that means something is out of alignment and you’re not in the flow.

She quantum leaped big time where everything on this list she wanted to do, she did within months. She had an innovative stem cell thing. She’s joyful because it sometimes requires that and it’s the way you look at it. Sometimes it requires that for you to truly be like, “We’re alive.” That’s why you get to see Rob Bell because, in person, he’s squeezy. The quote by Bernard Shaw, “I get to be thoroughly used up when I die.” It squeezed the life out of me and what does it look like when you’re given a timeline?
I got the tingles and I want to acknowledge the tingles. In my book, I want you to live in tingles. I want you to be tingly from head to toe at all times. There are good tingles and there are bad tingles.
What’s the difference?
I was having the bad tingles and I was thinking about it, “How can I reframe this?” Usually, when I have bad tingles, I feel that it’s negative energy around me because I’m empathic. I’m not going to go down that path.
That’s another show. You’re an empath. You’re The Princess and The Pea.
When things happened to me and I’m like, “Where did that come from?” I find out three days later. It was almost like a sweat like if you were in a hot Bikram yoga class and I’m sweating. You feel the bubbles on your skin. I felt the tingles on my skin versus coming from within, I would say that’s at the core of the difference. When I realized because I was in meditation is, “This is me sweating out the toxins.” That felt magical to me. I am sweating out the negative vibes, negative frequency and anything that’s not serving me, I’m sweating it out right now. I felt all the tingles, technically they’re good, but they felt bad. I was purging in a sense. The good tingles are when you were sharing your message about her living in remission maybe. It sounds like it’s past eighteen months.
She was going to be in remission for five years. I believe that is the standard. She photographed me and some other ladies. Every moment to her was precious, the way we looked at her and acknowledged her and every woman she worked with.
I feel that want to cry.
I’ll introduce you to her because she does a great photoshoot. To live life like every moment is precious, I’m not crazy about the word, juicy. I use it every once in a while. I’ll use the word, rich, because I don’t want to use the word, juicy, right now. It’s so rich and supple. It’s such a joy to be around her, when people fully appreciate life. I like people looking at what’s misaligned in my life and people are used to misalignment. It’s like the way we eat. They’re used to, “My marriage is a mess. I’m going to be in this fight with my partner or husband.” They are used to that, that almost alignment feels like misalignment. Could that be?
Yes. That’s like automatic mode. This is living and this is what my life is. I’m not a huge fan of it but it’s okay, I’m going to get to see my girlfriends this weekend for 1 or 2 hours and looking forward to those small moments, which is fine. If you want to dive deeper, I feel that like we’re talking about authoring our life, there’s a reason that we get stories out. There’s a reason that we share stories. I learned this during a stretch. I fully believe that anyone I meet, anyone I come into contact with, has a gift or a lesson for me. If I want to tap into it, if I want to actually connect with them and have a conversation, I believe that anyone has something that they can share that I will learn from. That’s a beautiful gift. Whoever you are, getting your story out, supports other people. When you do that, you’re also lifting a weight off yourself, especially if you had any trauma in your life. I believe that we’re all mirrors of each other. It’s finding out which mirror you’re connecting with when you’re talking to a stranger.
How is it, Bethany, to share your story through your book?
It’s in there. There are a lot of stories about me in there. At first, I was nervous, especially since the majority of the people that came to my book launch were my friends. I’m like, “My friends are going to read my book. What are they going to think of me?” I’ve been operating as a real estate agent who does art on the side. I haven’t been operating as the coach that I am. The stuff that I’ve been doing has been more one-off and more of the side hustle versus the main job of real estate. This book allows people to see me in my full truth. That’s what it’s about. I have to say, even people like my mother who’s hardcore Catholic, who I was concerned about reading my book is now doing a book club with all her friends and she’s loving it. All her friends that are in this book club are like, “We’ve finished chapter one and it was amazing.” I’m like, “Okay, good.” People are coming to me and they’re like, “Bethany, I’m on chapter four. This is good.” Obviously, I needed a little external validation here but it’s been so good and people are liking it. I did the right thing but I also know I did the right thing because I felt light after I got it out.
You felt light?
Yes, which is part of being expansive and in alignment.
It’s the way you feel. In 2020, as I wrote what I get to create in 2020, this is the first year in several years that I didn’t put any type of financial numbers.
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I want to high five you on that because I know you.
I didn’t put in financial numbers. I only placed how I want to feel. I want to feel joyous, free, connected, effortless and put all the feelings that I want to feel. That’s why 2020 has been light. I realized that the unattached I talked about, I have nothing against numbers and there was a sense of attachment. There’s this expectation. If you don’t meet it, there’s this, “I didn’t make it.”
You have to find what works for you.
When you’re living a life of alignment, you know that you’ll always be taken care of. That’s pretty powerful. What message do you have for your readers, Bethany?
The courage to get through the book and actually take part. It’s a seven-week journey. There are a lot of exercises. I’ve talked to some people that have finished the book and I’m like, “Did you do the exercise?” They’re like, “Some of them.” I’m like, “Did you do this exercise?” They’re like, “No.” I’m like, “I’m going to encourage you to go back and do that.” There’s something for you there. I do encourage it. That’s why I love my mom’s doing the book club. Reading this book with other people is going to support you. I love the book Calling in the One by Katherine Woodward Thomas. Did you read it?
No, I did not.
That is about calling in a relationship from reading the book. Every single day for 49 days, it’s also seven weeks, you go through a process. I got my inspiration from there for my book. It’s a magical journey. I guarantee 100% that by the time you finish this book, you’ll be a different person than you are from the moment you started.
That’s huge.
I guarantee that when you read Get Aligned Now: Free Your Mind Through Body Intelligence, the Path to Achieve Aligned Results, that you will be a different person than you were when you started the book.
That’s a guarantee. I love it. What’s next for Bethany?
I already have my next idea for the next book. Also, I don’t know when you’re going to air this but another download happened yesterday. I’m wearing red. I don’t know maybe this is a Valentine’s episode.
You called that in.
I started a workshop or a challenge starting from February 12th, 2020, for single women to meet their match. It’s not something I’ve gone down but I’m like, “All my friends are in relationships because of some coaching that I gave them. Why not bring this to the masses?” It was actually a friend’s idea. I’m like, “We’re moving into Valentine’s. Maybe I should do that.” I’m stepping out of my norm.
Get aligned now for relationships.
Also, sourcing the one.

AL Bethany | Getting Life Aligned
Get Aligned Now.: Free Your Mind Through Body Intelligence, the Path to Achieve Aligned Results

Are there a few tips that you can leave us with?
Magic happens in the uncomfortable. Learning to listen to your body can be uncomfortable, which is why it took me two years. I was tested with my eyes closed and someone basically quizzed me. It was in this whole group, there was a whole bunch of us doing these quizzes. They were essentially quizzing my intuition, but the answers were yes or no. I was top of the class. At that point, I still didn’t trust my body. I’m like, “You have no reason not to trust yourself.” It’s in everyone. It is your divine right to be able to listen to your body and allow that to guide you and get out of the analysis paralysis of your head.
That’s all for relationships?
Are we talking relationship? That’s for anything in life but also in relationships that you were talking about. That’s one of the things, instead of listing all the traits, go ahead and do it. You want to manifest this guy who’s tall and handsome. I want you to create a list of how you feel. You do that for the year, which is awesome. How do you feel around this person? Start tapping into that experience. When was the last time you felt that way? You start to bring awareness. It’s like, “I want a Tesla.” All of a sudden, Teslas are everywhere. They are everywhere but that system. You want a car and all of a sudden, every third car is that car. When you start paying attention and putting your attention on, “This is the feeling that I want,” as soon as you’re around that man or woman and you’re tapping into, “This is what I want to feel,” you’ll know and it will click. It will be a green light, “Let me explore this further.”
I love it. I’m excited about the quantum leap.
The portal of the possibility that was beautiful because that is how you quantum leap. It’s not from where you’re at right now. You’ve got to leap from possibility.
I love that. I’ve got to give that to Margot Duane, who’s a photographer. She’s the one who said that portal of possibility. Where can people find out more about you, Bethany? or @BethanyLondyn on Instagram, YouTube and all the places you can find me.
It’s wonderful to have you here, Bethany.
Thanks for having me. It was fun.
It was good.

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