EOFire.Com’s John Lee Dumas Interviews Alicia Dunams (Video)

Watch the video below as EOFire.Com’s John Lee Dumas Interviews Alicia Dunams.  
3 Key Points:

  • The path to success is definitely NOT smooth.
  • VALUE your relationships and DO NOT disconnect from people.
  • Make sure your life is in order—this is the FIRST step to entrepreneurship.


  • [01:01] – Alicia comes from Manhattan
  • [01:15] – Her entrepreneurial journey started 16 years ago
  • 01:33 – What got Alicia into the book business was writing her own book in 2007 – Goal Digger: Lessons Learned from the Rich Men I Dated
  • [02:11] – Success is NOT a straight line
  • [02:28] – Alicia spent $30K of her own money to learn how to write a book
  • [02:42] – Alicia hired a lot of people but no one taught her how to monetize
  • [03:11] – She looked at the New York Times Bestseller list to observe how authors monetize their books
  • [03:43] – Alicia decided to put up a seminar, “The Wealthy Girl Summit”
  • [04:05] – She asked Laura Ling to speak at the seminar and Laura said, “YES”
  • [05:03] – If you don’t ask, you will never know
  • [06:03] – One BIG and Unique Value Bomb: You need to pre-market your book
  • [06:26] – Create a process and a community
  • [09:07] – Worst Entrepreneurial Moment: “I’ve been in a lot of relationships and I haven’t been consistent in that. In 2014, I sabotaged a romantic relationship I was in for 5 years. We broke up, the engagement was off and I moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I wasn’t focused on my business anymore and I was playing catch-up.”
  • [12:12] – Make sure your life is IN order
  • [12:59] – Invest in relationships
  • [13:13] – Connect with people
  • [13:46] – Alicia’s life was never about the journey, but the results
  • [14:35] – Relationships are scary because we get hurt
  • [15:00] – What is the one thing you are most FIRED up about today? I have a new video show, “Go Deep”, and my new program, “Authoring Leadership”. Alicia is also excited about The 2nd Wealthy Girl Summit on March 31, 2017 in Los Angeles.
  • 18:15 – To know more about Alicia go to IAmAWealthyGirl, AliciaDunams, and BestsellerInAWeekend
  • [19:17] – The Lightning Round
    • What was holding you back from becoming an entrepreneur? – “Nothing”
    • What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? – “Safety is the new risky”
    • What’s a personal habit that contributes to your success? – “Getting eight hours of sleep every night”
    • Share an internet resource, like Evernote, with Fire Nation – Tiny Scanner and Rev
    • If you could recommend one book to our listeners, what would it be and why? – Disrupt You
  • 20:39 – Connect with Alicia on her website, Twitter and Instagram
  • [20:59] – Pray and move your feet


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