Biz Women Rock Podcast | Sell First Fulfill Second With Alicia Dunams


BWR 224: Sell First Fulfill Second With Alicia Dunams

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This girl ROCKS!!!  Alicia Dunams wrote a book in 2007 that launched her business and online business career called Goal Digger: Lessons Learned form the Rich Men I’ve Dated.  Throughout her evolution of her business, she created “In a Weekend” series of workshops and now online courses: Bestseller in a Weekend, Book Proposal in a Weekend and more.  In this wisdom-packed interview, Alicia talks about how to sell first and fulfill second, why building out your community is a must and how to do it, how she measures the success of a product, how and why she took her programs online and most importantly, how to shift from a “do-more” mentality to an awareness of who who you’re being.  She will blow your socks off!– 
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Biz Women Rock Podcast


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