As seen on TV (reality TV show cameo)

Can writing a book be a healing experience? Last September, I met a really special woman, Tonesa Welch on the set of ‘Notorious Queens.’ I was specifically selected to “coach her memoir” out of her during one of the episodes.

Tonesa, like many women I’ve met, has journeyed though life with fair share of ‘bumps and bruises’, made choices that intentionally and/or unintentionally caused harm, and has experienced deep spiritual reckonings that brought her to her knees.

For several years, I’ve been guiding women through the deep work of storytelling and truth-telling as a road to healing transformation. I have found that writing a book is a powerful way to re-write our story, giving us the ability to “stand on our story” rather than “in our story.”

It’s a reflective, cathartic and healing process – and sharing our story is one of those essential ways we can give back to the world.

You can, indeed, heal your life, and I invite you to get started here.

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