Announcing Winner of the Bestseller in a Weekend ‘Longest Book Award’

I’m excited to announce the winner of the Bestseller in a Weekend ‘Longest Book’ Award. Co-authors Sherry Platt Berman and Julie Gleeson won the award, creating 120 pages of content for their upcoming book in two days.
During the workshop, Sherry Platt Berman and Julie Gleeson surpassed the average page count of 81 pages by 39 pages, proving that it is possible to create and write a quality, professional 5 x 8 book in two short days.
I was truly impressed with the commitment and progress Sherry and Julie made during the January 2012, Bestseller in a Weekend workshop. It was exciting to watch them push through the challenges all writers face and produce an exciting manuscript that provides valuable information. Their book contains information that can propel, even catapult, people toward career success—and they wrote it in just two days!
Berman and Gleeson are co-owners of The Career Wisdom Institute, a business they founded to help people revolutionize their careers and future opportunities, while creating career clarity, job satisfaction, and employment resilience. Their concepts help their clients align with their unique career design, resulting in career satisfaction and opportunities, success, and wealth. Their book is scheduled to be released on May 30, 2012.
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