Amazon Author Rank: How to increase your Amazon Author Rank

Today I got the following letter from Amazon’s Author Central:
Dear Author Central Member,
Today we have added a new feature, Amazon Author Rank, the definitive list of best-selling authors on This list makes it easy for readers to discover the best-selling authors on overall and within a selection of major genres.
Your Amazon Author Rank:
3631 in Business & Investing
Amazon Author Rank is your rank based on the sales of all of your books on Just like Amazon Best Sellers, it is updated hourly. The top 100 authors overall and the top 100 in selected genres will be displayed on You can see your Amazon Author Rank trended over time in Author Central.You can find your Amazon Author Rank in Author Central under the Rank tab. Historical rank data is available from September 28, 2012.

We’re always interested in feedback, so please let us know what you think.

The Author Central Team

P.S. You may have friends who are authors; feel free to pass this email along to them.

Amazon Author Rank is a feature available to all authors registered in Author Central.
As I perused the various Amazon Rank Categories, I was amused by the mix of NY Times Bestselling Authors with “unknown” e-book authors, many of them who look like Internet marketers. I think Amazon Author Rank is the Great Equalizer for New York Time Bestsellers and Self-Published e-Book Authors. Here’s a screen shot from self-published author Kara King, the author of The Power of Pussy.

No doubt, being part of the KDP select program will most likely skyrocket your Author Rank (if your book is free to KDP Select members you, of course, will have more traction.) And this may be part of the case for Kara. But only 4 hours after I took the above screen shot, her rankings went up even more – showing the power of Amazon Ranks and lists.


Amazon Author Rank shows the importance of platform and online presence. Also the importance of having more than one  book. Here are some things you can do to up your Amazon Author Rank:
1) Amazon Author Central. Sign up for an Amazon Author Central.
2) Optimize your Author Central page. Update your bio, feed your blog through Amazon Author Central, and add pictures and video.
3) Write more books. Write more than one book. It’s about having a series of books. It’s better to have four (4) 100-page books, rather than one 400 page book.
4) Categorize Your Book. Ensure your book is in specific niche categories. As Amazon Author Rank grows, they will add more categories giving you the opportunity  to trend in niche categories.
5) Book Reviews. Get fans, colleagues and friends to fairly review your book. Book reviews sell more books.
Do you have any tips and tricks to increase Amazon Author Rank? Please continue the conversation below.

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