What one thing will you do today to write your book, market your business, or make more money?

It seems I upset a few people last week when I asked people to
unsubscribe for being “unserious” about writing a book.
I’m sorry.
But, I am also glad I said it.
Let me explain.
I got three angry emails from subscribers, and I ended up having
wonderful long conversations with all three. I got to learn about them
and their businesses. They were all happy I reached out to them.
I feel really good about this.
Truth be told, I want you to succeed and to succeed ridiculously.
Yet, to succeed you need to act.

I wanted to provoke some sort of action,
even if it meant questioning your
committment to writing a book.

Action requires getting out of you comfort zone and
So, with all that said – what one thing are you going to accomplish today to write your book,
market your business, or make more money? – AD

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