5 Ways to Build Your Email List… Fast

Your email list is one of the biggest assets in your business. Beyond being a list of emails, your email list represents your fans, followers, community and tribe. These are people who have come to your website and given you permission to email them. As opposed to buying lists, which of course, is the fastest way to grow your database, I propose the following 5 ways to build your email list in a more creative and engaging way.
1. Educational Video.
Record a 3-5 minute video providing extreme value to your current list. Determine a “catchy” title for your SHORT video i.e. “3 Mistakes [Yoga Teachers] make… and how to avoid them.” Hint: Use Google Keyword Planner to determine title. Set-up an opt-in for people to access the video. For those who don’t know, an opt-in field requests a name and email in order to access the landing page.
2. Contest Giveaway.
Determine a contest giveaway (win a free spot in your online training, free strategy session, free mastermind) i.e. “Mastermind Contest – All Expenses Paid.” ContestDomination.com is simple, effective contest software that anyone can use. Schedule (date and time) for a Google Hangout to announce the winner/s. When I conducted my contest, I added about 700 new leads to my list.
3. Free special report or ebook. Write a special report or ebook. (If you want to write an ebook quick, join the next Bestseller in a Weekend) Determine a “catchy” name for your free special report or eBook. To know the difference, a special report would be on the shorter than an ebook, 20 pages or less, and an ebook would have chapters. Use Google Keyword Planner to determine title of your special report or ebook. Set-up an opt-in for people to access the special report/eBook.
4. Introductory Webinar. Educational webinars not only generate leads, but provide a platform for 1-to-many sales. Each joint venture webinar I secured in the last year has added at least 500 people to my list.
5. Strategy Sessions. Promote and offer a free 30-minute strategy session. This giveaway would be a limited time and a per application basis. Anyone interested in working with you would fill in an application that can be filtered into your email service provider, or what I currently use, Office Auto Pilot.

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