5 Online Communities Where Working Moms Can Build Friendships

I’ve always been one of those woman who tries to do everything herself – especially my experience of being a single mom. I rarely leaned upon anyone for help and support. (Except my parents – thanks for paying my credit card off dad!)
In the last 18 months things have changed. I’ve reached out to more women’s communities to develop friendships and community as a mother and as I build my business. These communities have given me a sense of belonging, as well as inspiration, as I meet women who are making tremendous contributions to the world, including running for political office, ending war, and building schools in Africa.
With that, I wanted to list the top 5 online communities where working moms can build friendships.
3 of these online communities I have been personal active in. 2 I have just been introduced two and look forward you learning more.
  1. A Band Of Wives. A New Kind of Sisterhood.

ABOW is a private social network for all women: married, single and everything in between. We are bringing community back to communities. A Band of Wives is very special community for me: The community is very generous with offline activities to enrich online relationships, including literary/ book club lunches, politcal fundraising and awareness, and happy hours.
On October 30th, Christine Bronstein, founder of the A Band of  Wives, is launching an anthology entitled A Band of Wives: Empowering Women Through Connection, which highlights essays, poerty and art of the members.

Started by one of my best friends Britt Michaelian, and co-founder Dabney Port, this online community is perfect for women  who want to make friends using social media as the platform.
3. Friends of Ricki< /a>

Video streaming by Ustream

I’m excited to be a founding member of the very first Social Television Community called Friends of Ricki. This group is a great opportunity to make friends and discuss important topics affecting women including family, fitness, relationships, happiness, etc.


The following two communities are resources as well. I know the founder of OMG, Christine Trice, and “know of” Shasta Nelson from living in the San Francisco area. I look forward to time to explore these communities more, and offer them here because of the countless women I know finding support and love in these two communtities

4. Girlfriend Circles.

Introducing women. Inspiring Friendship. Girlfriend Circles gives you a chance to connect online but then connect offline with
5. OMG I so need a glass of wine or I’m gonna sell my kids! – a humorous look at motherhood. (If you have a video of OMG, please share in comments below.

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