3 Tips to Become an Amazon.com Bestseller…

As of 9:58 am PST, my client and colleague David Shade became an Amazon.com bestseller.

There are many authors, or wanna-be authors, who also want to achieve this status, and I always get inquiries on how one becomes an Amazon.com bestseller. Well, you can pay an expert 20K + to orchestrate the campaign for you (Currently, I charge anywhere from 12 to 15K to coach and strategize all of the intricacies of a bestseller and book launch campaign for my clients.) Or you can do it yourself, which is tough if you don’t know where to begin (see 3 tips below to help you get started). Or, there is always something in between.
And with that, here are the following programs I recommend:
My friend, colleague and best-selling author, Sally Shields has crafted an amazing program called the Amazon Bestseller and Free Publicity 101 Homestudy Program. She walks you step-by-step through the Amazon Bestseller Campaign Process, and shows you exactly what you need to become a Amazon bestseller and garner FREE national publicity. *An aside: I just spoke to Sally today and she was taping the Rachel Ray Show – so this woman is definitely someone to follow!
Also, if you are a wanna-be author who needs to write their book before they even think about becoming a bestseller, you want to check out my coaching course and product, The 17-Day Book Challenge. In this course, I coach you on how to get your book done in less than 17 days, as well as develop your book marketing plan, which goes into depth in launching your book and making it an Amazon.com bestseller. I’ve gotten steller reviews about the 17-Day Book Challenge, which also includes as a bonus a private 1-on-1 60-minute telecoaching call with me.
Nonetheless, if you do decide to ‘go it alone’, here are a few tips to get you on your way to being an Amazon.com bestseller:
1. * Ensure your book is placed in the correct browse and sub-categories.

      As you see from the screen shot, David’s book is not only in the top-20 overall, but is #1 in specific sub-categories. That way, people interested in dating topics will see it’s the #1 book of the day. Also, this step is crucial, because it is much harder to become an Amazon.com “Overall” bestseller. The chances you are a bestseller in a specific category are greater.
      2.* Ensure your book is available on POD (with a guarantee of 100 on stock) or there is at least 500 books on site at the Amazon warehouse.

          If you book is not available in-stock at Amazon, or available on print-on-demand (POD) through a reputable POD company or Ingram distributor, your book will read OUT OF STOCK and discourage sales. Amazon.com makes it difficult for self-publisher or Independent publishers to provide stock-up requests, so you want to make sure you research this thoroughly before conduct your campaign.
          3.*Select an appropriate Amazon.com bestseller date..

              Authors don’t normally do these campaigns on days that Harry Potter or a similar powerhouse book comes out. Choose dates wisely – do your research.
              Of course, I hope this information helps. If you want further support, I offer 15-minute complimentary sessions to discuss what is the best route to go! – To your success – AD

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